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Lena, 16. Brazil.

Are you complaining about how bad you think your body looks? Oh, well, there are millions of palestinians dying every minute you complain. At least you do have a body to complain about.
Is your phone older than the one you asked your parents to buy? At least you do have parents to ask for something.
In Palestine there are kids without a home, without parts of their bodies, without a doctor to schedule an appointment, without schools. Do we think that’s fair? Is it fair that we, occidental teens, get the chance to study, eat, hang out, date, come home, kiss our parents, laugh and they don’t? Is it okay that kids who could be at ours schools are dying for a problem created by their relatives? By older generations that died already!
This war needs to be stopped. This is not just a fight about what is the best religion, or which country/state is the best. Now it’s about innocent people who are dying. Kids who have the same rights we do, kids who had a whole future ahead of them, kids who would get married, who would pray for their own children to get married and be happy one day.
Israel, stop with all of this. Blood won’t solve the problem, dead bodies all over the palestine area won’t be the best resolution. I bet, Israel, that inside of you somewhere there’s this small little piece of heart that will think about the others before thinking about itself.
{this last statement may be too innocent and too “what a little kid would say”, but the fact is: i’m just as involved as any kid who died on the past few days. So if that statement looked like I don’t get what is going on in the middle east, then all those kids who are dying don’t get it too!}

Pray for Palestine. Pray for Israel. Pray for peace.


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